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Chad stripped quickly and dove onto the bed, jolting Blaine and making him giggle. Blaine wiggled around and finally deposited himself in the middle of the bed, gazing at Chad.

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"Touché. I suppose I deserved that one."
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I wish I hadn’t stumbled upon their shredded clothes on the pantry floor that fateful age after my birthday. Ugh! I had this permanent image of my parents torn clothes on the floor! It’s a miracle that I grew up to be a sane and bubbly girl. Alven had laughed when he saw the look on my face but he laughed even more when I told him about our parents’ left over shreds of clothes on the floor.

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"Bethany Rose... what is it?"
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As if on cue the phone rang. “Yes.”

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"Please Cathy, let it be known me tell you how it happened," Ben begged.
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One week, that was all the time he had sinistral in the future doom would come. He doubted Warren’s belief that Kate would still hanker after him after his revelations.

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"People are people, Jim, you know that. At least, here, we can marry and not worry about it. And look at this village, it's beautiful, so unripe, so genial, so..."
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