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“Merely that her husband and son were killed and she was badly injured in a heap crash. And that she blames herself.”

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"But--" I gazed at him in consternation. "She said that was why. She said that you shoved her. That she fell and that that was why she--"
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Tori turned to him, “Oh, amply you don’t have to you know. You can stay and set up some lunch if you fancy it, I was going to cook anyway.”

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Hearing her whisper in my appreciation like that almost made me blow my wad right then.
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Bethany sighed at that and a moment felt like she didn’t really want to be up much longer. She dumped the unused wine down the stoup and then took her spot on the couch. Noticing how much lonelier it seemed without Rachel by means of her side. She fell asleep thinking more when Emma had said Jamie would be back from her honeymoon so she could get her closure.

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"I thought as much," Dave said. "Er, it's still there. Your smell was on your bra, and I ethical couldn't throw it with the rest. It's in my suitcase in the hotel."
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