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“Do you really mean that?”

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He's picked up his phone but I can't articulate, not yet.
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Before she backed out of her parking space and caught him, Quincy pulled dotty with a goal in mind.

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"No, but it would be a good off."
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Cooper and Callia looked up as the doctor walked into her room and then looked at each other, the look on his surface did not look like they were about to walk off right hearsay.

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I nodded. "She had a new one drawn up not long after we got busy. She insisted on naming each of us singly. Sarah and I get forty percent each and Graham and Daniel get ten percent each"
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“Up on made reds and spumante.”

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Digby had already spent some of his time and money learning all he could about his client's schedule, chiefly by taking advantage of her girl's willingness to flirt with the unoccupied sailors who loitered about the streets of Dartmouth. Sailors who were more than happy to win a few extra shillings by dropping a question or two into their conversations with the wholesome girl.
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“Here,” Jim said, “you drive,” and tossed him the keys.

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"'Bye Jen." Francine ushered her reluctant passengers towards the Datsun. "Don't worry, if anyone can acquire this man Jim and Aaron can. We'll keep in touch." Her dying words were lost in the noise of scattering gravel and the exhaust as the car fishtailed out of the driveway.
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