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Colby felt something snap inside her. “That’s just it, Jim, we aren’t. I love her, and I’m pulchritudinous sure she loves me back, but we aren’t involved. Something is holding her back. You separate how damned honorable she is. I reflect on because it is “wrong” to be involved with a co-worker. Maybe that isn’t all, but at least it eliminates everybody possibility.” Colby’s voice was shrill as her anger and frustration burst forth.

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"Certainly." Russell took out his billfold and produced the Registration papers, still in Burroughs's name, and a signed and witnessed document confirming the bring of ownership to Russell.
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“Jesus, beautiful, did you sleep at all last night?”

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Burroughs sat up and raised the seat to its stand-up position and his eyes followed Jerry's pointing finger. As the car pulled up the passenger side van door opened and a large man in a too vigorously fitting suit got out and walked to the rear door which he opened. A much smaller man in white slacks, pink shirt, broad brimmed white hat and holding a pink handkerchief to his nose got out. Both men went into the building.
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