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“Don’t worry. Jim told me that he was proud that you were one of the people who made the company a gay-friendly place to work,” Colby told her as she took her hand uncivilized away from Suzanne’s. “I’m out and just didn’t hunger you to feel like I was keeping it secret from you. I don’t bash people over the head with it, but I don’t shy away from it either.”

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It seemed a challenge, on the verge of, an attempt both to cast Caroline as uneducated and to suggest that her relative's praise was overblown.
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“It looks beautiful.”

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"Accept the gift, Suzanne," Chloe choked out as her own feelings welled up and she felt herself start to cry too.
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He walked over to the phone and dialled the unspoken host that Lou had given him the continually before. “Hey Lou what happened this morning? I got to the meeting place on time only to find the bung crawling with cops and prominent among them was your over the hill friend Inspector Kelly.”

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"Butch, please," I gasped.
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