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“Mmmm, Aidan…don’t stop,” she gasped. She was moaning and writhing beneath his talented tongue and fingers, rocking her hips into his mouth. “I’m so not far from…already….” He sucked her clit more fervently while giving it scant flicks with his tongue. “Cum for me, Lili,” he said huskily. “I wana see you cum.” And cum she did, exploding beneath his brashness and fingers, moaning and writhing in orgasm. The recreation was so enthusiastic it was little short of painful and she felt as if she were on the verge of passing out. Sated, she remained motionless untruthful down with her eyes closed, a slight beam on her disguise. Aidan gave her entire last loving lick before moving up to rest next to her.

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"It appears, Caroline, that your maid was assaulted as a part of the scheme to assault you."
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“I’m coming with you.” Jenny said as she went to her room to collect her pucker up.

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"Because I didn't want you to lose your feet."
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“But in the present climate you don’t like it?” Charity asked.

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"But in the present climate you don't like it?" Charity asked.
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“Why not?” Chad whined turning to on the lookout for Blaine button his shirt up, covering up that beautiful expanse of pale skin, then bending to curb his boots, giving Chad a perfect view of his heart shaped ass.

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I was startled to feel the plastic of the tube against my pucker, squirmed as John used his fingers and eased it into me. I wanted to ask him what the fuck he contemplating he was doing- but he grinned at me and squeezed the tube... and suddenly I was shuddering with pleasure at the sensation of the lube being squeezed directly contents me. It felt cool and strangely wonderful.
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