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It had been three weeks since the function at St. James’ Stately, and Caroline quieten experienced a give someone a kick every time she thought of it. And she couldn’t help but think of it continually. Part of it, of course, was having people refer to her as “Lady Stanhope.” Apparently, the Regent’s advisers had been at something of an impasse about how to recompense a handmaiden who had proved her valor in battle. There were no precedents for a direct honor, and the Regent was uncomfortable enough with his relatively new authority to consider creating the first. It was James’s bosom buddy, Philip Whitson, in fact, the secretary to the Prime See to, who had suggested the answer: a posthumous baronetcy for Geoffrey Stanhope. It was unusual, to be steadfast, but not ample to scandalize the old men in the House of Lords upon whose authenticate the Regent depended.

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"Is that going to be a problem pro you?" he asked, expecting to leave.
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“That would be you, would it not, Matthew?” “Aye, sir,” Matthew said in resigned whisper.

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"That would be you, would it not, Matthew?" "Aye, sir," Matthew said in resigned whisper.
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Oscar definitely was eavesdropping now. He recognized Bobby as the voice of the speaker, and he silently kept dressing.

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"What are you doing here?" Her voice was tight and hushed. He stifled a sly grin.
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“I got carried away last night and held his hands above his head, he didn’t freak, and I don’t even have in mind he noticed,”

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"Hey squire, don't try to say nuthin' prevalent our wheels. It'll blow yours away any day." He had struck a painful point, they were proud of their automobile and it was glaring that they hadn't had any solemn rivals for their pride and elation.
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