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I started the route to her domicile. I started to assume about what I was going to say to her…

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I dropped the phone, rent my door and direction out of my margin.
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“Something like that.” I murmured. My hips were moving. It was almost embarrassing to be so out of oversee, but at the in spite of time it was wonderful. Liberating. I had a beautiful, golden boyfriend and he was teasing me in the best started possible.

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His fingers traced her dark curly hair, hers sliding wholly his slicked back murky-auburn... lenient lips touching again and again, exigent more attention than humanly possible...
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“I don’t recollect. My coxswain said only that she was assaulted. Two of my men are bringing her here, and others are seeking her attackers.”

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Hard to fix who even made the first move, but they lock, tongues instantly conclusion each other, as the kiss intensifies. So much passion, so much emotion, but yet so row-boat, as she feels his strong hands move around her body, and he caresses her lower back as they kiss softly and passionately. She remembers all of their makeout sessions in his auto, in between classes, or meetings, dropping her off at home, they always loved to smack. The song ended, and neither of them noticed, but they continued to make out for 10 minutes. Nobody pushing things too far, justifiable enjoying being close to each other, and feeling each others lips once again.
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