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He stayed at the station until the ship had disappeared past Angel’s Assemblage.

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"Mr. Whitson had never met Charlotte and Barbara before tonight," she answered. "Shall we?"
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“I know. Look I declare I did see the web site on her laptop. I didn’t go looking for it. I went to collect her tray one afternoon. She was asleep. The laptop was on. I couldn’t arrogate seeing the web area she was looking at.” He knew he was gabbling but he was desperate to win Gloria to the ground before she down the drain toleration with him. “It never occurred to me she wasn’t just reading the stories. I never thought she could be writing stories like that.”

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Chad stripped quickly and dove onto the bed, jolting Blaine and making him snicker. Blaine wiggled around and at the last moment deposited himself in the midriff of the bed, gazing at Chad.
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“Don’t be silly. If we’re all thriving to the same place, I don’t want you taking a hansom cab late at night,” Piper said with an air of finality. Faced with logic, Colby gave in.

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He raised his eyebrows. "You think anyone would've believed me if I'd said it wasn't?" Reaching across to the bedside cabinet, he picked up both cups of unpredictable intensify chocolate and handed one to me. "Try this. Should be just right to drink now."
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