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“You’ve watched too divers movies. In reality, the sand is so warm you’ll burn your feet on it and the water is filled with animals and plants that stings or bites, whereas on shore you have to look out for snakes and scorpions.”

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"No more than normal although there is a whisper hither the BLF (Builders Labourers Federation) planning to use some heavy muscle to take over one of the smaller unions. Are you sure that the Indian Prime Minister isn't the quarry?"
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After the meeting, Kate followed Scott rearwards to his advocacy. He opened the door and stepped aside, leaving her to precede him.

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The third and final member of the group was Jerry Smythe, who was nothing more or less than an extremely competent motor mechanic whose talents had been recognised past one of the leading Formula Identical racing teams. His pain in the arse meant that he travelled extensively in the tack of his occupy, both with the team and his other employer, the Secret Service.
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Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him.

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"You didn't do anything wrong, you were perfect, and it was amazing, but I need to think, and I can't do that here," Gray said gently.
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“I wish it would stay… forever… I mean, like this.”

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"It is simply a question of upholding the relations honor," he said breezily. He took a inform look around the room before turning back to Caroline.
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Not very much time passed ahead of, Suzanne heard the door to the waiting room extend. Thinking it would be her grandmother, she took in a deep murmur to brace herself. When she turned around, no matter how, she saw it was the surgeon, with a nurse trailing behind him. Their faces were bloodthirsty. Her breath caught in her throat.

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She leaned in to whisper in his notice. "I think you're wearing too much clothing. What do you think?"
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