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John nodded slowly. “Thanks.” He said again, this time with more sincerity.

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They sat in the car for 10 minutes, listening to the rain on the roof and watching people arrive. The rain was a little harder now, accompanied sooner than a light fog. A feeling of nostalgia came over Suzanne. It reminded her of so divers of the days when she came here as a child with her family. A little smile came to her lips as she recalled her mamma trying to keep her from getting salacious when she was little. "Everything was so uncomplicated then," she whispered. All Colby could do was give her hand another squeeze.
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“Yes Harry, Yes, I love you.” And then the world changed for both of them.

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"Plateful." I whispered, annoyed that my voice sounded far more gravelly than it had before we'd drifted off.
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We were spending money fooling second, and not a dime had come in at this point. It was time to produce some profits. The easiest style was to award some development permits, with a fee attached of course. The first to step up to the plate were the pastime manufacturers. Almost every major manufacturer of outdoor, RV, marine, and survival equipment purchased a permit with the agreed fees. We were moderately sure that not everyone who had bought a certify would commit to the cell, but at this stage, they couldn’t bear the expense not to at least look at the concept.

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"What would you like for lunch?"
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