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“Russell, you and Jenny are to stay here, when we are in put we pleasure ring you and then you wish ring the home of that man and tell him that we are on our way to get them. If I know how they work they choice try to move out before we get there, that’s why I want that we should be on the brink of for them.”

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"He's got his own airplane; he's been keeping it over at the airport all this time. Oh, Eliza, it was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again. You must try one's hand at it!"
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“Seriously? Don’t we have enough at home?” Blaine whispered looking around the displays of lingerie, toys, DVD’s and all the different things in the inventory. The walls were decorated in red velvet and there was three booths lined up at the back, each with a red light above, signaling that they were occupied.

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"The Regent! Why should I wish to attend the Regent? For that matter, more to the tip, why should the Regent wish me to attend him?
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By the destroy of her rant Jamie had calmed down considerably and made her way across the room. She basically whispered the last couple sentences to herself before turning away to look into the fireplace; she couldn’t bear to look at Bethany.

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A quiet clerk moved hither the room distributing folders to each of them. "In the file that you press valid had placed in the forefront you, you will find a complete, as far as we are aware, analysis of the handling, how it is being financed, who is growing and supplying the drugs, who processes them and how they are distributed. Our task is to locate the most effective point in this operation at which we can mint to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum risk."
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“Got you something.” He said.

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"You are acting as if you have something against the CIA."
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“There are four bedrooms up here, each has its own bathroom and this one-liner is hoard and that only… oh, my God, I didn’t even bid you if you were able to be a live-in… are you married? Will that be a problem?”

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"We demand virtuous been advised of a new appointment as US Consul in Sydney."
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