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Again as she walked next to her, Suzanne couldn’t help wondering how Colby’s date had gone. She tried to tell herself that it was decent natural curiosity, but she knew that was only a particle share b evoke of it. “Okay,” Suzanne admitted to herself. “I’m a little jealous and kind of hope it didn’t go accurately.” Yet, she found it hard to ask as much as she wanted to know.

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Leaning over and above, Colby whispered in her notice. "No Hun, you don't." She gave Suzanne a little kiss on the cheek. It was warm and friendly. The celebration of it lingered for Suzanne. It was a barely spot of warmth in the middle of the coldness of the balance of her.
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Dockside at the Aloha Tower, Honolulu

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That same night, Jamie establish herself up and wandering around her apartment looking for something to do. Ty was sleeping in their bed after having been worn unfashionable by the flight people's home but she couldn't take. It wasn't unusual for her to be up so late, it was on the brink of a nocturnal occurrence and Ty had learned to not really worry about it a long days ago. Mainly she was up thinking about Bethany and reprimanding herself on the side of continuing her immoral fantasies, but tonight she was mostly sad her honeymoon was over. Who wouldn't be? She wished she could stir back to Bermuda and live there forever and not in any degree have to worry about seeing Bethany again.
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