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William paused, his pen poised above the inkwell as he wondered by the skin of one’s teeth how much of the ruse de guerre he should send out in the official letter. Word of what had happened would quickly circulate during Portsmouth, where they would at present make port, and would after all find its way to the Admiralty. That would be enough, he intelligence, recalling the events of that isolated day with a non-specific beam on his face.

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"I'm so sorry, infant... I didn't think what I was doing to you... all I could see was what I was doing... what I was feeling for myself. I promise it's under no circumstances customary to happen again."
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“Yes… it was her idea. Does that confuse you?”

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"Talk to me Chelle—what's wrong?" Sabrina waited patiently on the other end for her best friend to empathize with. Rustling filled the receiver and Sabrina guessed she was going to a more private area.
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