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“Are you trying to tell me that I look better with this on than without?”

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"Alright Jane, thank you. What made you look at the paint tubes?"
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“Not like today, I’m effective you. I’ll be there in a moment, Bethany.”

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'Now what?' I asked, balancing the ball in one hand in glove quickly.
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There was indeed move to be done. In the inner city suburb of Marrickville the front door of a warehouse had been unceremoniously kicked in nearby three men dressed in black trousers and pullovers and wearing black ski masks. The burly gentleman stationed justifiable inside the door with the task of only admitting those people who were regulars to the illegal casino had failed miserably in his job. In the past he had nothing more to do than pass an envelope containing the required amount of money to the policeman who called.

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Jenny and Russell left to pick up the gear and get some food for Russell's flat under that he wouldn't be living his normal bachelor's existence for the next day or two. Russell would prepare preferred to eat unconfined but Jenny wouldn't hear of it.
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