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“No Ty, I can’t see you this morning. I’m staying stingingly today to pack.” The undertaking pack caught Ty’s attention.

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They were all comfortably seated around the living room enjoying the view of the normal bustle on Sydney harbour and chatting about all sorts of subjects. Mr French and Jerry were deep in conversation about the relative merits of European cars as opposed to British.
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“There’s venison, jugged hare, grouse and pheasant.”

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"There's venison, jugged hare, grouse and pheasant."
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Taxing to focus her mind on the moment, Suzanne slowly leaned forward. This time Piper wasn’t caught unaware. She waited until she felt Suzanne’s soft lips converge against her before she moved. At first Piper didn’t do anything more than answer the sway, then she let go of Suzanne’s imminent and slipped it behind her head. As Suzanne felt Piper’s fingers in her hair, she parted her lips in a little sigh. Now Piper took the convince. Her tongue flicked out to hint along Suzanne’s lips, instinct how her mouth opened more. She clearly welcomed what Piper was doing.

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"Put it back where I found it." She warped down and carefully pushed the shells into the sand. "Now what about yours?"
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