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“Why not both? We could use a renter for universal running when it doesn’t event if we are followed and have something better for the duration of other throw away.”

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"You damn uppity nigger, just who you think you are, anyway, coming in here like you're somebody notable. Thanks to you, Bill's gone."
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She thrilled in his open leering, the mistake hanging from his mouth, his struggle not to reach out and assert her. Licking her lips, she dropped her hands lower, pushing them across her belly this time, slowly approaching the triangle between her legs.

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"He kidnapped and raped my mother, and now that he's kidnapped me for revenge, he's going to rape me too!" Callia was on the verge of tears and she started to squeeze as realization set in that she would probably not under any condition get to hold her baby or see Cooper, let alone her parents and fellow-man again.
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