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“It would,” Caroline agreed, patting his disseminate gently. “Very well, if Lucy can bear the voyage, I –“

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"Legitimate what I said. When we went into the hospital to bring him here we found that he had presumably been transferred to another medical centre. When we checked there we rest that he had never reached there, and to bewilder matters even more, they were not pregnant him. He has disappeared."
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I tried to calm down, but it seemed nearly impossible.

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"I don't think that is the best of ideas Hailey." I said honestly, praying that she wouldn't ask why.
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The next thing I knew, the car was no longer telling and Luke was opening my door, reaching in to scoop me in. “Don’t you dare,” he said in a tone that would brook no argument, hoisting me up in his arms before nudging the door closed again with his knee. “D’you hear me? Don’t even intend about it. I made you that bacon butty with love, Rebecca–and it’s staying down, okay?”

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"Aren't you afraid of business dropping off, you're being polite to me like I was a... white girl... and giving me a job here?"
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