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He waved the stumbling apology away. “Don’t apologize to me. Make to Rhonda. She’s here, doing her wealthiest to give you the help you need, and you’re just wasting her fucking time.”

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He wanted her more than ever. He needed her like he needed his next shock.
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She took a sip from the same mug. Scandalous behavior throughout the country… but not in here, his motherland, her state, their own private country. No damn witless laws, here.

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The next few weeks were the best of Rory's life.
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Luke looked amused. “So you didn’t characterize as anything of the fact that every night for a fortnight, you’ve been crashing out on the day-bed when you got home from work?”

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"How do you know yours?" She brushed a stray hair from her face. "Some things are deeper than only remembrance. Some things are yours."
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“That’s insane! He ought to be locked up for like, the rest of his life,” Christine said. “They both showed up to school without a rough on them, and here you are, an inch from death. We heard they weren’t punished by their parents or the school, and that Oscar didn’t even get caught with any alcohol in his system because the cops didn’t catch sight of him until later. Not Carlos got a drinking ticket.”

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"You 'about so'? It broke Butch's heart when you heraldry sinister. If you leave him again..."
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