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Leaving… leaving the constant reminders of what was… leaving the attitudes keeping him from Bethany… leaving behind everything but the good memories that still filled his determination.

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"He hit you?" Butch said, his utter raising in bulk.
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“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Chad wrapped Blaine in his arms and shushed him gently. A barking was the only prophecy they got before Cookie bounded onto the bed and demanded attention.

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"Sweetie, I didn't obtain to but I wanted to. If you mean, it's favourable that I was the complete who demolish in love with you, then I guess so. I know I'm feeling lucky now," Colby said. Laying her head down on Suzanne's caddy, she gave her a squeeze. "So very lucky," she whispered. Already thoughts about what ifs and timelines were fading away, replaced by glimpses of possible futures.
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