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Four hours later Chad and Blaine pulled up outside the cottage and Blaine gasped. “It’s beautiful,”

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Greg took a breath to say something but stopped at the last little. He shrugged and then laughed, "Well as far as Miss Ava is concerned, I am to say the least ' the most adroitly, and I desire believe what she tells me because it's good for my ego. I can't have two women in my life lying to me."
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At five thirty Russell’s uneasiness shattered the stillness of his bedroom. Both he and Jenny stirred, and became aware of each other’s presence. “Good morning Enchanting.”

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At five thirty Russell's uneasiness shattered the stillness of his bedroom. Both he and Jenny stirred, and became aware of each other's presence. "Good morning Enchanting."
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Glancing at Colby with a stricken look, Suzanne replied. “It’s Chloe’s mom. It never occurred to me that Gayle would be here. I should have known. She was friends with Mom since high school. I just didn’t think about it.” She felt a renewed wave of nausea and opened the door, in case she vanished it. As she deeply breathed in the cool moist air, she felt Colby rubbing her back. The reassuring reminder of her support helped. Suzanne fought the need to throw up. Finally, she shut the door and leaned back.

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"It would presume, in fact, that you had invited me here, on an evening when none of your neighbors were at home."
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