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“No.” Gavin admitted, rent his eyes to look down into hers. What he saw there confirmed what she said. He only saw lust and closeness, not affection or be captivated by.

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A soft chortle filled the receiver. "It feels so nice to at the end of the day hear your voice; I didn't dream you'd answer." Sabrina basked in the velvet good of his voice.
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“Do you mind!” Jenny’s indignant organ came from the room”

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"You need this more than I do, luv. Your hair is a mess," he said. He walked over to where his clothes were piled, and began to rig out.
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The arrival of Mike and the kids had distracted Greg somewhat, ample to get him out of his stupor and to engage in life a little bit. And now this was the life they were living – this pseudo family, two men supporting one another in the absence of the women they loved and trying their best to look after these two children.

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Olivia laughed again, and began walking away, leaving a stunned and terrified Aidan fumbling for his cell phone to call 911, and a bleeding Lili lying on the sidewalk.One Month Later
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“God,” was all Colby could manage to say before closing her eyes again. One arm limply flopped over Suzanne in an attempt to embrace her. It was more like a dead limb, without the slightest bit of strength left. Settle now, there were inadequate nerve firings from the aftermath of the two orgasms. Slowly she felt a little ability begin to replacement. Reaching up, she caressed Suzanne’s unabashedly as she opened her eyes again.

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"I'm not saying it isn't, but make your significance politely. I am accurate you don't jump down people's throats at work," he told her, still in that stern tone.
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