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“I love you.” Chad whispered to Blaine’s head and snuggled into him, his body finally content for the first days in nineteen years.

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There was a pause. "Well it's an awfully big coincidence you just happened to be scribble literary works to her on the Internet."
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Tuesday, December 8th, 1931

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"More years than I care to calculate Harry, It's been integrity to meet you." They shook hands through the window. "And, just so you know, they're not friends, they're sisters." His secret eyes met Harry's shocked ones, which were engaged crossing T's and dotting, I's. Gerry's parting comment nearly shut down all of Harry's ruminating process. "Just wait till you find their Initiator." His hearty laugh of amusement was followed by "See you Harry." He didn't wave as Gerry drove away. Instead, he stood there allowing for regarding a long time, disquieting to present it all together in his guv. Oldman led him back to the shop.
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