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“No! I have not ordered you much over the last few years but this together I requisite insist. You will stay here gone from of the way of what will happen.”

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"Can't you run to the police with your bumf?"
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“Can I lead one to believe this?” Jim said. “Send down them distant, tell them I need you and offered a huge bonus to stay for three more months, which I will, as well as match your new earnings. And after that, you can rotate. If difficulty be, I resolution call whoever it is and get them to admit. Fault that, I will find you a new position in three months, a certain that is acceptable to you. Provided of course, you still fancy to erupt.” Emphasizing with his hand, he went on. “You see Colby, this way you watch what you need; I get what I shortage; and we both get Suzanne what she needs.”

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He turned in the direction of the coughing, and saw Hunter's acquire in the haze. Adrian squinted, stepping hurry, and almost fell as his foot came down on something foreign. He reached down. It was a gun.
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